Hello and welcome to the brand new blog series “14 Days with Feel Supreme”!!

You may know me personally, you may be a customer of Feel Supreme or you may have just stumbled across this blog during a lunch break e-stroll through t’interweb.

Let me start by introducing myself and Feel Supreme– Matt Murphy meet Feel Supreme, Feel Supreme meet Matt Murphy (insert eye roll here).  Anyhoo, I’m Matt Murphy, founder of Feel Supreme, a healthy, active, distilled-water-drinking, organic-food-eating, Karl-Pilkington-looking 31 year old male.

heres a picture of me looking serious in the woods

As a naturopathic nutritionist, I practise what I preach and follow the Feel Supreme diet, which is basically a diet consisting of organic wholefoods.  Like any other human, I have my “off” days, naughty treats and stodgy meals, but I don’t overdo it and I try to stay “clean” as much as possible.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand. “14 Days with Feel Supreme”is a new blog series chronicling my experiences of certain diets over a 2 week period.  We’ll touch on how the diet in focus effects me as a whole, including my weight, emotions, sleep patterns, mental clarity, toilet habits (eurgh!) and (look away now, mum) libido.

Part 1

I’ve decided to start this challenge with a vegetarian diet. It’s something that I’ve experienced briefly in the past and quite enjoyed.

To carry this out successfully, I sat down with my other half, Cheryl, to plan out what we were to eat for the forthcoming week, and took a trip to our local organic farm shop to stock up on some nutrient dense goodies. By cutting out the protein source that is meat, we decided to buy extra protein rich foods including and not limited to cashew nuts, apricot kernels, eggs and a variety of healthy beans.

After spending out on the weekly shop and stocking up our fruit and veg corner, we done what any self respecting person preparing for a challenge would do and filled ourselves up with a takeaway pizza!

Day 1 – Monday

I woke up excited to start the challenge, albeit a little sluggish after a sleepless night courtesy of 3 week old Baby Murph.

With a slight wobble, I sucked my belly in and stepped on the scales- 208.6lbs.

Next task- breakfast! I eased into this challenge with a breakfast favourite of mine anyway, 3 poached eggs and steamed broccoli.


Being Bank Holiday Monday, I didn’t need persuading to conserve my energy supply by doing a whole load of nothing before real life started again the following day.

I managed to move myself to get a snack (or was it handed to me?) consisting of an apple and a handful of cashew nuts, and then my evening meal of jacket sweet potato, tuna (OK,technically part of a pesco-vegetarian diet) with salad, which was delicious.
Day 1 over. Mood optimistic. Libido level – stallion! (Jokes)

Day 2 Tuesday

Woke up at 207lbs (1.6lbs lost on yesterday) for a hectic day in the life at Feel Supreme HQ, which is all the more important to eat balanced meals and snacks at regular intervals to maintain energy levels.

Breakfast- avocado on wholegrain toast. The healthy fat content in the avocado should burn as energy until my mid morning snack.

Mid morning snack- Apple and cashew nuts, with a cup of coffee. At this point I was feeling energised (maybe something to do with the coffee and blood sugars) and still excited to see what vegetarian concoctions I could come up with over the next 2 weeks.

Lunch- this proved a bit trickier, which was probably my own fault. I left the house leaving my pre-prepared lunch at home (sorry Cheryl) so was confined to the nearest cafe. Not fancying the “belly buster brekky” or the “double whopper McCheeseburger” I went with the (probably microwaved) plain jacket potato with baked beans. Not the greatest option, but by far not the worst.

Funnily enough, I actually felt really hungry not long after this meal, so had an early evening meal of  organic chickpea fajitas ( chickpeas roasted in smoked paprika, red onions, avocado, lettuce, coleslaw wrapped in 2x fajitas). This was enough for the night.

At this point, it is still too early to notice any significant difference from my usual self

Day 3 – Wednesday

Started the day early, with avocado on wholegrain toast again, and weighing 207lbs (deja vu?)

Although I’m weighing the same as yesterday, I’m feeling leaner and cleaner. My once slightly jiggly abdomen is now feeling as though it’s losing its sexy curvature.

It’s important to note at this point that weight loss is not always an indicator of good health. I’d rather not focus on weight loss, but focus on getting a good range of micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and a balanced supply of macro nutrients ( protein, fat, carbohydrates).

My snack this day was an apple with a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds. These were roasted in Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil, chilli flakes and Celtic sea salt. They tasted so good that I couldn’t resist handfuls 2 and 3!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


  • In a bowl, mix a handful of organic pumpkin seeds with a spoonful of Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil, a pinch of chilli flakes and a pinch of Celtic sea salt
  • Spread the contents out into a baking tray
  • Bake on gas mark 4 for 10-12 minutes
  • Leave to cool, then enjoy!

My lunch was a salad consisting of 2 boiled eggs, last nights leftover chickpeas, lettuce, spring onions, garlic and peppers! Yes, my breath could probably of got a skunk high at this point.

Day 4, lets see what’s in store.

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