Firstly, let me start by saying thank you to those of you who have come back for Part 2. If you happen to have stumbled across this, then you can check out Part 1 here.

Soooo,for the benefit of our new readers, I’m Matt Murphy, founder of Feel Supreme.  I’m now a week into a  vegetarian diet and what a week of eating it’s been. If you follow Feel Supreme on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  you will see some of the meals I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Some of asked “don’t you miss meat?” or “don’t you get hungry?”. And then we had Tunagate! But let’s move on from that. 

But to answer the above questions, no, I’m not missing meat atall. In fact, quite the contrary. I’m not a massive meat eater anyway, partially a compassionate decision, but more so for the poor quality of much of the meat on the market, and the ill effects it could potentially pose to me (I will touch more on the quality of meat in next weeks instalment of this blog). When I do eat meat, it’s sourced from certified organic or even grassfed origins.

Anyhoo, back to the questions. The meals I’ve had have been delicious, filling and easy to make, with top quality organic ingredients. Plus, I’m saving a small fortune buying good quality protein sources at pennies, instead of slabs of meat at pounds! All the more to spend on Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil! (who says subliminal advertising doesn’t work?) I did get hungry between meals on Day 4, but after a snack and then a butter bean salad ( wait till you see the picture) , I was done for the night.

So “how are you feeling?” I hear you ask. I feel great! I’m into Day 7 and I feel that I could maintain vegetarianism for good (which I can’t with the whole “14 Days…” Series). I’ve lost weight (although weight loss is not always a good indicator of health), albeit put some back on. But the weight gain is due to poor nutritional choices during a hectic day 5, which was a one off and easily rectified. Mood and emotions? Great! I’m happy, optimistic and looking forward continuing to eat clean. My energy levels are good, sleep patterns are (always) good and libido is…..well ask Cheryl!

One drawback though, or it could be a good thing if your a child….or a male, is that gale force winds have been forecast, if you know what I mean. I have been a bit more windy of late, and maybe even slightly bloated, which is completely normal during a transition period of an omnivore to herbivore diet. This is because the foods which I’m consuming in place of meat (butterbeans, pumpkin seeds, falafel) are not only high in protein, but also the wind-causing fibre.

There was also Day 7- Sunday/Roast Dinner Day. Ordinarily, a vegetarian roast dinner would not be a problem, but I sat down to mine in a place which doesn’t cater for vegetarians – Nanny Anne’s. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a Sunday roast dinner at nans house. But the idea of a vegetarian roast dinner is just without the meat. I knew that the mountain of starch-rich potatoes and gravy ( not so much the vegetables) without a source of protein, would shoot my blood sugar levels through the roof, which would ultimately end with the inevitable energy crash! And boy did I underestimate that crash! Every time we eat, our blood sugar levels rise which we use as our source of energy. Protein and fibre allow this rise to be steady, but without these components, too much glucose is released into the blood, which insulin then draws back out. You would think that in the days of iPhones and hover boards, insulin would be smart enough to remove the excess glucose to a safe level…but no. The ancient wisdom of insulin states that as much glucose should be removed as possible and stored (usually in the lower abs as fat – think spare tyre look) which then leads to an energy slump. This goes to show the importance of ‘balanced meals’.

But all in all, I’m enjoying the lifestyle. You can find a breakdown of the diet below.

Day 4 – Thursday

I woke up at 204.8lbs, almost 4 lbs down in 4 days!

I had avocado on wholegrain toast for breakfast, and our famous chilli and sea salt roasted pumpkin seeds for both snacks (one with a kiwi) either side of a jacket potato with butter and salad for lunch.

Dinner was a lovely butterbean salad with cheese, linseeds, lettuce, spring onion and coleslaw.

Day 5- Friday 

Probably the hardest day as yet. Not even solely from a vegetarian mindset, but from a nutritionists point of view. Working to tight deadlines at Feel Supreme HQ meant that time was extremely limited. It’s no excuse, as I supposed I should’ve been better prepared, but I’m human. And even more so, I’m a man! Preparation isn’t our strong point.

I started well, waking up at 204.8lbs and having a breakfast of 2x kiwis and a pot of natural yoghurt. But then chaos ensued. I barely managed a minute to drink, and didn’t get any time to eat until somebody ordered a takeaway about 8pm! I chose what I thought was the least disruptive on the menu with chips and gravy.

I went to bed hungry and dehydrated (**violins**)

Day 6- Saturday

Woke up a groggy 209lbs!!!! I’m putting the weight gain down to the poor nutritional choices the previous day, and maybe also fat/water retention.

When the body is not getting an adequate intake of water, it panics and retains what it has as it doesn’t know when it will next be watered. So the less you drink, the more you retain. And the same applies to food (obviously only short term). So with the lack of food and water the previous day, plus the high fat/simple carbohydrate meal the night before I’ve piled on 4.2lbs!!!!

Today was to be another test though. One which I think I passed. We had organised a family day out, so not trusting the catering there, we took our own sandwiches with us. After a breakfast of 2x kiwis and a yoghurt again, I had a cheese and onion sandwich for lunch, and an omelette for dinner. I did sneak in 2x donuts during the day though. Purely to lessen the load on the public of course.

Day 7- Sunday

Running low on fresh produce at this point (organic shopping time is later today) so I had to prepare a breakfast concoction of whatever I could find.

Breakfast- butterbeans, red onion and lettuce on wholegrain toast

Lunch – the sleep inducing roast dinner. Roast potatoes, gravy, cauliflower, peas and carrots.

Dinner- you need to see this to appreciate the beautifullness of it! Falafel, butterbeans, lettuce, coleslaw, boiled eggs, onions and peppers!

Day 8’s dinner

Thanks for reading guys and look out for our final instalment of “14 Days Vegetarian with Feel Supreme” next week.

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