Product Description

“Train smart, fight hard” –

The Train Smart bundle by Dan Mitten, Movement coach.

  1. Nicotinamide Riboside with Astaxanthin
  2. 500mg CBD oil
  3. Lions Mane
  4. Vitamin D3 5000iu

“Aging is paradoxical. We have to accept it, none of us can avoid it, yet we must do everything we can to prevent physical deterioration, whilst aiming to stay as mobile and healthy as possible at the same time.” – Dan Mitten

Earlier this year Dan was named in the top 100 most influential coaches in contact sports, & is widely recognised as the ‘go to’ movement coach in the U.K.

A former professional athlete, his career was cut short due to injuries, leading Dan to become a tutor for the FA medical association, teaching both anatomy & physiology and functional rehabilitation.

As well as being a gymnastic strength coach, he spent ten years working in emergency medicine, and has recently joined the English MMA coaching team.

His knowledge of the human body & how it works is unquestionable.

His passion has always been martial arts, he continues to practice BJJ, & his clients have over won over 50 world titles in:-

  • MMA
  • BJJ
  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing
  • Kick boxing
  • Tae kwon do

Dan has put together a “Train smart” supplement bundle, with the aim being to help prolong your healthy active lifestyle and improve your quality of life, composing of:-


NR & Astaxanthin

Among their many benefits, both are known to help repair damaged DNA, and fight harmful inflammation – all major factors in age-related decline.

Astaxanthin is 550 times more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin E and is nearly 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, one of the most important vitamins when it comes to boosting the immune system.

It’s also 550 times richer as a source of antioxidants than green tea or other Catechins.


CBD Oil 500mg

Simply put, CBD oil has been proven to have a positive effect on the following conditions:-

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis pain
  • Depression
  • Inflammatory pain
  • Muscle-spasticity in multiple sclerosis
  • Nerve-related pain
  • Sleep disorders


Lions Mane

 Traditionally used for brain/cognitive function, memory, nerve damage, digestion etc. 

A beautiful nootropic mushroom that is perfect for neurogenesis and mental performance! Lion’s Mane has an amazing ability to stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF)

VITAMIN D3 5000iu

Vitamin D is important for bone and muscle health.
It has also been hypothesised that vitamin D may have a role in the body’s immune response to respiratory viruses.
Hence the NHS are now distributing Vitamin D3 to it’s staff to help contribute against COVID-19 prevention.